Thursday, 2 April 2015

Reflecting on Progress: Term 1

Over this term I have made a start. My students have begun to track their writing learning. With a focus on sentences we have used the rubric to assess our work. The students have then gone through and sent their work to the Picasa Album. This has made their work visible for their peers and others which makes them accountable for their work.
Next term I will make sure I take time to continue getting the students to self assess, justify this and to send their work to the exemplar folders. 

Visible Learning: Creating a bank of exemplars

We have begun! Over the term the students have been using the sentence rubric to judge where we are working. The students have then orally justified the year level of their work and sent it to a Picasa album which is embedded in our site.
Please visit our site and look at our writing exemplars.